Shipping & Delivery

Please refer to the rates and delivery time for each destination below. Shipping is free for orders over $49.99. The estimated delivery timeframe is exclusive of the packing of your order after purchase confirmation. Upon confirmation of your order, you will receive a tracking number which you can use to track the shipping progress.

Countries / Regions Shipping Fee Order over $49.99
Delivery time (business days)
Australia $6.99 USD FREE 10 to 14
Canada $6.99 USD FREE 14 to 16
Germany $6.99 USD FREE 9 to 11
Hong Kong N/A Shipping not available N/A
Japan $6.99 USD FREE 5 to 8
Korea $6.99 USD FREE 9 to 11
New Zealand $6.99 USD FREE 9 to 12
Singapore $6.99 USD FREE 6 to 8
Taiwan $6.99 USD FREE 7 to 10
The Netherlands $6.99 USD FREE 10 to 14
United Kingdom $6.99 USD FREE 7 to 12
United States $6.99 USD FREE 8 to 15
Other Western European Countries $6.99 USD FREE 8 to 15
Other Countries $6.99 USD FREE Over 15 days

Taxes & Duties

Please note that if taxes and/or duties are incurred for your parcel, it will be your responsibility to cover these fees for shipping to proceed. Parcels that arrive at their international destinations are subject to customs clearance procedures which may cause a delay in the original estimated delivery timeframe.